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I am currently the Senior Historian within the City Architecture and Heritage Team at Brisbane City Council. I have over a decade of experience within the heritage and education sectors in both Australia and the United Kingdom. In the UK, I worked for the Royal Air Force Museum and the University of Birmingham while in Australia I have worked for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre at The Australian National University based at the Australian War College. My research interests include military history, with a specific focus on the history of air warfare, transport history, and urban history. To date, I have published several chapters and articles, edited two books, and delivered papers on three continents. I am also the editor and owner of From Balloons to Drones, an online scholarly platform that seeks to provide analysis and debate about air power history, theory, and contemporary operations in their broadest sense. I am also a Vice-President of the Second World War Research Group and a Director of the Group’s Asia-Pacific Regional Group.

Dr Ross Mahoney

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